The Apprentice may be the smartest show on television. Not only is it a brilliant exercise in corporate branding, but it's an unbeatable emotional outlet for anyone who's ever had cause to deal with the real estate market. What's not to love about seeing sixteen aspiring developers backstab each other for work, with one getting canned at the end of each episode? And that's without even mentioning the unusual animal tricks which keep the show fresh week after week.

If you're an Intermediate student of the Chinese language, this lesson is for you. It focuses on two different ways to say "especially" in Chinese: 尤其 and 格外. The rules are simple: place 尤其 before the subject of a sentence or its main verb, depending on which you wish to emphasize. 格外 is conversely placed before adjectives. This is a pretty big difference, but many people miss it. Good luck!
 said on
September 3, 2010
Great lesson!
 said on
September 8, 2010
Unfortunately I couldn't download the "generative audio review". The message I received was:


Access Denied



Any idea what I can do? (My computer is a Mac.)
 said on
September 8, 2010
Hi Helen,

The problem was on our end... and it's just been fixed. Sorry for the trouble.



 said on
October 25, 2010
Could one combine both words (格外 and 尤其) in the following sentence, and are they both replaceable by 特别?


 said on
October 28, 2010

You can use both 格外 and 尤其 in that sentence. Grammatically, both of them can be replaced by 特别 there. However, to make it sound more natural, you don't really want to repeat the same word twice in such a short sentence.

 said on
May 28, 2013
Is there are list of popup fixes? I find these very useful.

Will they be done for every lesson?
 said on
May 13, 2019
and now he's President of the USA.... haha. What a wild world.